Sunday, 6 May 2012

The New Adventure

This morning in beautiful sunshine a new journey began. Two little ships crept out of Kings Marina in Newark and set off in a southerly direction through the old medieval town and out into the River Trent.


002  Newark Town Bridge

‘Futurest’ passing beneath Newark Town Bridge


‘Futurest’ was leading the small armada, battling against the swift running river, while close behind she was followed by the indomitable ‘Roots and Wings’.


003  Castle from under bridge 

The Castle from under the Bridge


These two boats were now well seasoned travellers together on the River Trent, as the latter had only nine months ago very bravely and stoically towed a disabled ‘Futurest’ along the fiercely tidal part of the river from West Stockwith to Newark. The voyage was carried out most satisfactorily and so naturally they were now firm friends.


006  Skippwer Janis 

Skipper Janis with ‘Roots and Wings


Janis, the Skipper of ‘Roots and Wings’ has a year’s sabbatical from work and has decided to travel the northern waterways in the company of ‘Old Salt’, who has willingly subscribed to the idea as well.

Many jobs needed to be completed on both ships after Janis left work and prior to leaving but purely by chance the completion date today, and the day of sailing, is auspicious as it is the anniversary of the first meeting back at Holme Lock last year. So it has good vibes.



Patient domesticity


Having battled our way today against a very strong current, as well as competing against members of Newark Rowing Club and many other users both fast and slow for space, we decided finally to tie up on the upstream moorings at Hazelford Lock. Though the wind remains chilling from the north the weather is, and has been all day, very beautiful.

It’s a very good start to our voyage of discovery.


milleraj said...

Good sailing to you both. Keep coming north to York if possible. I look forward to following your progress. Atthur

Old Salt said...

Thanks Arthur.