Monday, 30 April 2012

Top Box and Ben Nevis

The Skipper’s had a busy day today …… Well for him anyway.

After yesterday’s deluge of rain, today has been sunshine all the time and enabled him to finish off the touch up process around my hull and also to undercoat and gloss the top box.

It was repaired earlier by Tooley’s in Banbury as it was badly rotted on two sides but they never painted it other than making the new wood waterproof.


001  All touched up and Top Box glossed ready for the off.

All touched up, Ensign flying and Top Box glossed ready for the ‘off’


So the Skipper climbed up onto the roof in the sun and undercoated it in the morning and then glossed it with Oxford Blue this afternoon.

He’s been a busy boy altogether as he has also replaced the toilet roll holder in the Shower Room. The old roll was badly worn and kept falling out of its socket splaying toilet roll all over the deck. So it needed doing for some time and he’s only just got round to it. 

He’s certainly been taking a lot of care over my wellbeing recently and I do appreciate it. But I can’t help feeling it is all so short lived. I know him too well.

All he’s waiting for is the return from Ben Nevis of Janis the new lady in his life and then, true to his usual form, he’ll neglect me entirely. She has been away for the weekend with two of her chums climbing the peak

He tells everybody that they are just good friends but I can’t help feeling threatened by her for the next few months. Even though they will be living on separate boats, knowing how he behaves when there is any woman nearby, showing off and doing about like he does, I’m sure she will have him wound around her little finger in no time at all and I shall be entirely ignored and uncared for.

It’s not fair!

He’s my Skipper and nobody else’s ….. and I’m his crew!

So why does he want anybody else for goodness sake?

We were doing very well before she came along so why can’t we carry on like that just as before? …. Just him and me! …. Everything’s been going so well up until now.

It’s really not fair!


Ian and Karen said...

My, my you are looking smart. Ready to impress all the ladies. You should be flattered by all the attention and if he wants to share you with his special friends take it as a compliment to his pride and pleasure in your relationship.

Old Salt said...

Hi Ian and Karen
Thank you for your kind words and I know he appreciates me really. But I can't help feeling threatened sometimes when another attractive lady appears on the scene.
Happy cruising on 'Tacet' this year. We'll be looking out for you.