Thursday, 31 May 2012

Penelope May

Last Sunday I received some very wonderful news.

My son Alex phoned to tell me that Catherine his wife had that day given birth to a daughter, Penelope May. She was quite BIG at 9lb 4oz, but apparently was very beautiful, which I am so sure is very true. Both mother and daughter are well and he was due to fetch them home from hospital the following morning.

He told me that he had been there at the birth and was feeling very emotional about the whole event. It is their first child and the birth is, from my own experience, the most important part of their lives so far, so I can imagine just how he feels. I remember so well the same emotions when my daughter was born as if it was only a few years ago, though it has to be  considerably longer than that now of course. I can also remember being present at the birth of Alex himself. How quickly time flies and life speeds past in just a flick of a moment.

Congratulations Catherine and Alex and to Penelope May as well.

May the darling little girl be blessed with a long and fulfilled life and true happiness. 

Coincidentally, short of five months she has been born exactly one hundred years after my mother.

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