Monday, 5 March 2012

Flu jab considerations

This year with all the other excitement in my life, I forgot to have my annual flu jab.
This is a procedure that routinely I have had for about twenty years. Since the age of sixty five I have been entitled to it by right, but for about fifteen years before that, whilst looking after my disabled wife, it was deemed wise for me to have the protection as well as her. So that is how it all began.
In those days when we lived in a house, everything was easy. I just made an appointment at my local surgery and the job was done. But now being of ‘no fixed abode’ and not having my GP local any more, I have to be a lot more circumspect regarding this as well as all the other considerations of my medical care.
I am forever grateful that my health is so good but once a year I like to pass through Cropredy on the South Oxford Canal, where my doctor’s surgery is located, for my annual ‘MOT’ and up till this year giving me my flu jab has been part of this procedure.
On this occasion though, I forgot to ask for it and my doctor forgot to suggest it. So for the first time for many years I was unprotected during the two month period after Christmas.
Since I had always been sceptical about how effective the procedure was anyway I was not overanxious about the omission and fairly confident that I would be okay in any event. So imagine my disappointment when, over the last fortnight my body has felt as if it has been the site of World War III, with rival armies of bacilli giving no quarter and fighting to the death for the overall possession of this pile of flesh and bones. It has been hard work but over the last two days the ‘good guys’ appear to be winning and I’m now feeling much better, especially since regaining my appetite.
However I shall always make sure that I have the flu jab in future.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you've been unwell and so glad that you're on the mend.

The flu jab is important - I'm surprised that the GP didn't remind you - ours pounce on us if we're anywhere in the vicinity of the surgery in the Autumn :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream