Saturday, 31 March 2012

At last nearly ready to go

The work is almost done.

What a long time I’ve had to bide my patience though, while the Skipper, in his own sweet way, has  muddled through the list of jobs to be finished.

I have to say that I’m beginning to feel like a proper boat again. I certainly feel a lot better than I did through the bleakness of that cold winter.

On Monday morning I go into Tooley’s Dry-dock to have my underside done and me bits and pieces checked over to make sure they’re all okay. The engineer John was aboard yesterday checking that all the diesel and oil leaks on the Russell Newbery were now sealed and the engine was run for a couple of hours at full temperature to make sure.

They still have my roof box to repair and have assured the Skipper  it’ll be ready by the time I come out from the dock on Wednesday. He plans to paint the box himself and actually he is in a painting mood (BIG BIG faint!).

In Cropredy when we were starboard side to, he repainted the Oxford Blue from the gunnel down to the rubbing strake along my whole length (I find it irritating that he insists on calling it the sheer strake… wants to remind us he’s been in the Merchant Navy see! I think It’s about time he started behaving like a boat person now not a seafarer) Anyway he was quite good at getting the job done and it looked splendid when he had finished.

Now we’re port side to in Banbury, this afternoon he did exactly the same thing on this side. I should look beautiful on Wednesday when I’m newly blacked up to this line. And now the roof has been painted too, it looks as if I’ve had an engine room hatch in it forever.

Hope I shall look like new.

My trouble is, I long to get cruising and I think he does too.

018  The South Oxford Canal during high Spring

The wonderful South Oxford Canal in high Spring

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