Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Eve of our new Journey

For the first time in a long time I feel happy ..... and I think the Skipper’s happy too.
Considering he reckoned he was so poorly last week he is showing a remarkable amount of energy today getting me shipshape for tomorrow.
I’m now topped up with diesel and the bike, which for ease of use has been plonked in the cratch all winter, has now been stowed away under the bunk. He’s washed down all the outside paintwork and solar panel during and in between the frequent rain showers today and I’m beginning to look quite special again I think.
He had planned I know, to repaint the whole of my roof while we were here but quite honestly the weather hasn’t been good enough to do so since he’s been feeling better.
But what can he expect! A whole fortnight of beautiful weather was completely wasted while he was feeling sorry for himself!!
As it is I am clean enough, though with a hotch potch patchwork of silver coloured oxide primer all over the top.

Kate’s flowers

And while the washing machine is on its second cycle to make the most of our last day of shore side 240 volts and with drying laundry draped all over the saloon, at the moment he’s having an internal clean ship. I think everything should be finished by the time it gets dark. All that is left then tomorrow morning is to top up the fresh water tank before we leave.
It’s wonderful and such a difference to last week when our spirits were at such a low ebb I think. He was a different man altogether then.
His friend Kate came to see him on one afternoon. She was in Warwick for the day and just had to call, she said  .... Ugh!
She brought him some flowers, he made her a cup of tea and she seemed to cheer him up. He tried to do his usual artificial charm thing but he’s so false all the time .... Makes me squirm! .... I can see through it all, a mile off! It was even more obvious on that day as he wasn’t feeling well. I feel so sorry for these lady friends who show him any sort of kindness. They deserve better!
But tomorrow we turn over a new leaf and start again. I do hope he concentrates more this year on the job in hand. He gets distracted far too easily and that was the whole problem last year ... his lack of concentration!

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