Saturday, 4 June 2011

Tootling About

The weather remains warm and tranquil and I am still quite happily cruising about on the Fossedyke awaiting the arrival of Monday when I shall travel down to Bovey Tracey.
I’m back at the well found little village of Saxilby, which has a fine Co-op, two pubs, a railway station, a tidy parish church of St Botolph (he seems to have been very much the local saint in this area!) and a fine heritage as a thriving seaport from antiquity up until 1900. My plan is to remain here overnight and then take ‘Futurest’ along to the visitor moorings at Lincoln tomorrow, where I can leave her till I return from Devon. The mooring there is neither obscured by trees or buildings enabling the solar panel to derive full benefit from the Sun; I shan’t then have any anxieties as to the state of the batteries while I’m away.
Yesterday we went along to Torksey to fill up with diesel and fresh water. Afterwards we turned around and stayed there the night at the visitor moorings. In the evening after spending a lazy afternoon in the Sun, I walked across to the ‘White Swan’ for haddock, peas and chips (and a pint of Kronnenburg) to celebrate our arrival, even though it was only temporarily, back at the junction with the River Trent. The pub was very busy, with people spilling outside as one would expect on such a beautiful evening with the Sun shining in a cloudless pale blue sky till after nine o’clock and with the most stunning of pink and yellow sunsets when it eventually set. As I returned to the ship around ten the Blackbird was still singing his heart out and obviously thrilled to be alive. I could understand just how he felt and was as jubilant as he was.
It took us an hour and a half to return here this morning and the weather is still beautiful though the easterly breeze is a little more brisk.

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