Sunday, 12 June 2011

Still at Saxilby. Ugh!

Oh dear...  He’s been at it again!  Would you believe it?
I do wish the Skipper would stop trying to be a twenty one year old sometimes and act his proper age! It’s quite pathetic to watch.
I’m sure you would agree with me.
Yesterday he was entertaining a young lady on board!!!
It was a beautiful day when she arrived by car in the morning, so soon we all went on a nice cruise together up to Lincoln and back.
How nice, especially when one of us had to be a gooseberry!
It was good to be under way again though, after being stationary for so long. But it was in the wrong direction. We should have been going towards Torksey and the River Trent, where he and I had had such an adventurous time together before.
Earlier in the year he had promised me a lovely season of cruising down the Trent and up the River Ouse he had said, to York and beyond, but all we’ve been doing for so long now is messing about around here amongst the growing weed. We’ve well outstayed our welcome and should be moving on ....  just him and I .... Together!
It’s really not fair!
I have to admit though she was a pretty girl and for most of the journey she took the tiller at the Skipper’s invitation, while he chatted on inanely, whilst clinging to the side of my superstructure, which I find most irritatingly uncomfortable. It gives me an unnecessary list to starboard, which I don’t like.
At first when he suggested it I was horrified at the idea and was prepared to kick up a fuss. How dare he suggest such a thing without consulting me first! But right from the start, she handled me with such confidence and sensitivity, unlike the Skipper’s wild and heavy manhandling, that I thoroughly enjoyed the way she caressed the tiller so skilfully .... It was wonderful and a bit of a shock when he took over again at each end of the cruise to manoeuvre .....  
It was like being doused in cold water again after sleeping in a nice warm dry dock!
We arrived back at about six thirty and the girl left to go home fairly soon afterwards. But I think they’ve made arrangements to meet up again soon.
You’ll have to ask him about that as it doesn't bare thinking about! ..... He seems quite smitten ....  Ugh!
We’re back at Saxilby yet again, but at least we are now heading in the right direction; towards Torksey and the River Trent. Maybe we’ll be heading off tomorrow to continue our journey and all I can say is ....

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