Sunday, 26 June 2011

Still at Retford

We arrived in Retford last Monday and have been here ever since.
The Skipper has decided that as the graze on his heel hasn’t yet healed he would seek local medical attention. He has decided, quite rightly so I think to remain here until the wound is properly repaired. But of course this means I am growing weed again through inactivity, in long strands along my sides and bottom, which I think spoils my attractiveness. You would too I’m sure!
I find these long stretches of being tied up just like an animal difficult to accept, even though the Skipper has a valid excuse for doing so this time. One sees so many ancient, neglected and decaying boats on the waterways that haven’t been moved for years and I’m so afraid I shall finish up as one of those. He doesn’t think that far of course, it wouldn’t even occur to him but I hope he doesn’t neglect me like that. It’s a dreadful thought.
And talking about neglect, guess who came aboard at 8.30pm on Thursday.
Well, having read now as far as you have in this chronicle (I hope you haven’t been too bored by the contents! ....  I think his writing is terrible, if you want my candid opinion and I hope it hasn’t sent you to sleep by now!)
But anyway, to continue .... Those of you that have read this far, will by now know the Skipper as well as I do, so I’m sure I don’t have to tell you who it was who came aboard.....
Sshh! Come a bit closer to the screen in case somebody is close by listening ....
Yes you’re quite right (sorry I’ve got to whisper!) .... It was Janis, his new lady friend from New Zealand!
Yes! .... That’s the one! .... The one who came to see him in Saxilby and he had the cheek to take her all the way down to Lincoln and back with a silly smile on his face!
I don’t know why he does it the stupid old fool! Even if she fancied him, he’s far too old to do anything about it. Why doesn’t he just concentrate on the job in hand .... To navigate me and him around the beautiful waterways, which he would do very nicely if he concentrated on it properly.
Anyway as I say, she came aboard on Thursday and the skipper plonked her bag on the double bunk, which he’d taken all day to change the sheets of. He said that was her berth for the trip, while he would kip down in the Boatman’s Cabin, a thing he  enjoys doing when he has visitors. But Janis wouldn’t have anything of it and I thought for one dreadful moment that she was about to suggest they sleep together .... Phew!  Good gosh!
But no! She said that he should remain in the cabin and she would bunk up in the Boatman’s. I expect, being conscious of his age, she thought his poor old back might not cope with the hard settee mattress in the back cabin. He objected but she insisted and won the battle in the end.
And that was that. I just don’t know what to do about him!

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