Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Looking after the Skipper

The Skipper’s little friend Bobby left us on Sunday. She loaded all her things into her car during the afternoon and shot off for pastures new. She has found herself a job which has accommodation with it, so she should be fine.
The Skipper seems a bit sad but really I don’t think she was the woman for him. They didn’t seem as if they had a lot in common to me.
I do have to thank Bobby for keeping me nice and warm over the cold Christmas but really I think we are both better off without her.
Anyway the Skipper doesn’t need another woman on board with me around to look after him. I can do that very well on my own. I make him very comfortable, don’t I?..... I do what he wants me to do always (in the end!).... And without answering back! Now what other woman would ever be prepared do that, I ask?
He doesn’t realise how well off he is. I make him feel good and he must know that really!
What me jealous you say? Of course not! Don’t be so silly! How could you possibly think such a thing?

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