Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Back to bachelorhood

Looking through Bridge 'ole 49 at Kate Boats

On Sunday Bobby went to look at a caring job and came back with success brimming all over her. Not only was it a satisfactory job but it was a live in appointment too, which was just what she was looking for. She was very excited and like a whirlwind, she packed her bags straightaway and was gone by the afternoon.
So now it is back to normal life for ‘Futurest’ and I.
I’ve mentioned earlier I think that it was wonderful to have some female company for a while but the boat would never have been large enough for both of us. In nearly two years I have grown so used to my own space and certainly I felt, I didn’t wish to share it with Bobby, lovely girl though she was.
I do miss her company and it was sad to see her go but we were not destined ever to get together; this was obvious from the start. We both knew that it was just a temporary arrangement so neither of us was disappointed. We shall keep in touch and that is the important thing.
At 0830 on Monday morning I caught the train from Warwick and for about half an hour passed through a foggy damp landscape on the way to Stratford-upon-Avon. The railway line follows the canal for a lot of the time and it was pleasant trying to pick out the landmarks on the Stratford Canal as we approached the town.
Though I was unable to see the locks since they were behind the hedge I recognised the white painted cottage, belonging to David and Tracy, at the head of the Wilmcote Flight. She offered to give me some water once when I was marooned at the bottom of the flight in 2009, while waiting for British Waterways to replace a damaged lock gate.
Having filled up in Stratford earlier I was well found for water but I was moved by her thoughtfulness. I marvel that I have met this sort of kindness so many times in my brief period on the waterways.
Later the Sun came out and the temperature was very mild. I met my brother David for coffee in M&S and then we spent the rest of the day wandering around the lovely Stratford shops drinking coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. We visited the rebuilt theatre and had lunch at the Henley Street Tearooms; they know him very well there. In fact everybody in Stratford-upon-Avon seems to know my brother, from the number of times he greets people in the street.
We went to his flat for tea and by the time we had finished eating and yarning, I had missed the train that leaves around five o’clock. As the next one wasn’t till much later, David gave me a lift back to the ship at about 6pm.... A wonderful day!

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