Thursday, 25 July 2013

Long Time Friends

Last night it rained heavily again and as a result the air is a little cooler this morning. There was no accompanying loud bombardment of thunder this time as had happened twenty four hours earlier; the rapid staccato on the roof was all that broke very briefly the quiet slumber of the night.

My overall impression here at Hertford Visitor Moorings is in fact one of peace and quietness. The bustling town is so close and yet no sound of it emanates this far. The pretty cottages, summer gardens filled with the fragrance of lavender, honeysuckle and rambling rose that run in a row alongside us, are always very quiet and the proximity of the ‘Old Barge’, the busy pub nearby does not disturb us, even when its customers spill out with the sunshine into the garden. As I write now all is total tranquillity apart from the sharp call of the Coot and the slap of wavelets against the hull as a kayak flies swiftly past.

We arrived here from Stanstead Abbots on Sunday afternoon and were surprised to find that so many moorings were available. It was three years since my last visit and as the mooring position I occupied then was available once more, I tied up ‘Futurest’ in the same place. Almost immediately I was welcomed by the lady living in the cottage adjacent. Her name is Vi and I was flattered that she remembered me from the previous time. She couldn’t quite bring back my name she said “But definitely I remembered the gentleman on ‘Futurest’” she concluded.

Monday morning arrived and bathed in beautiful sunshine Janis and I set off to bike the eight or so miles along the disused railway line that is now called ‘The Cole Green Way’, which runs between Hertford and Welwyn Garden City. However we deviated slightly before arriving at the built up area, to make our own way to Old Welwyn, the village where an old school chum of mine lives with his wife.

I am proud to admit that Roger and I have known each other for about sixty years and though for much of that time latterly, we have only been in contact via Christmas and birthday cards, we have still remained the best of friends. The last time we met was during my visit to Hertford three years ago so it was very splendid to see him and his wife Judith again after so long. They both looked fit and well even though Roger was recovering from a recent quite serious cycling accident. A few nasty bruises were evident but as is usual my friend made very light discussion of them and soon changed the subject.

After a couple of hours of reminiscence between Roger and I which must have been very boring for Janis, and Judith even more since she had heard it all before, my lady and I began our return journey. As always the time taken to get back seemed quicker than the same route out and in about an hour we arrived back at the ships hot and saddle sore and very ready for a cooling shower.

The following morning Roger came to visit me on ‘Futurest’ and later after coffee, we two and Janis went for lunch at the ‘Old Barge’, joining other customers in the garden. It was another lovely day and one more satisfying reunion with my old friend.


Val Poore said...

Some lovely posts here! I've enjoyed going through them and reading about your travels. It's a lovely life isn't it? And at last we are getting some proper weather!

Old Salt said...

Hi Val
Many thanks for your comment. You and your blog always give me much inspiration.