Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Having remained for over a week now at this very pleasant mooring, taking in all that the delightful town of Hertford has to offer, we want to leave. No... We need to leave (we really do)
The weather has helped the delay of this departure of course, as many of the pursuits we have accomplished would not have been possible had the heavens not been so munificent to our cause. The warm tropical sunshine has enabled us to do many local walks, which would never have been so enjoyable or even an option had it been raining. Furthermore had it been as cold as previous summers all we would have wanted to do was remain on board and thus would not have benefited from a visit to the local theatre for an excellent live revue called ‘Man in the Moone’ and also to the cinema to see ‘Iron Man 3’. As it was I had to be persuaded by the girls that my general education would benefit enormously if I accompanied them to this film. But as the ticket was only £3 the entertainment was well worth it and I’m glad I made the effort.
Last Sunday, again in glorious weather, Janis and I cycled, or wobbled in my case rather precariously, with picnic and folding chairs strung across our backs, along the towpath back to Ware. As we only have two bikes Sharon elected to do the same journey very wisely and more safely on foot. By the time we arrived at ‘Rock at the Priory’ and the venue is the name of the local park, we were hot and ready for a sit down and a good drink.
We managed to find a spot to pitch our three chairs without sitting on anybody else or actually knocking their beer can over and proceeded to enjoy good quality rock for about five hours. As I didn’t recognise any of the names of the artists I suspect that the talent was all fairly local but it was good quality stuff and I enjoyed it. Obviously other people thought so too as the event was very busy and everybody was dressed to a minimum on account of the tropical conditions.
But like all good English summer events, out of the blue (please pardon the pun) during mid afternoon we had the thunder storm and out came all the makeshift rain preventers that only we English, with so much practice I suppose, manage to invent on these occasions. Luckily we, or my companions anyway, had brought with them a couple of umbrellas so we didn’t fare too badly; it could have been worse and as always the rain passed as quickly as it had arrived. Soon canvass was taken off the mountains of speakers surrounding the stage and the concert continued as the steam rose in spirals from the soggy ground and wet clothing.
Finally yesterday was the day we had decided we would leave Hertford whatever the persuasion but yesterday was also the day it began to rain all the way through. So being the fine weather sailors that we are, we considered today would be a much better day to make the effort.
But as I write now at midday I can still hear the rain gently pattering on the roof of my cratch cover.
Perhaps we shall go this afternoon instead....

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