Sunday, 17 February 2013

To Saltisford Arm and Back


001-1  Looking Back at Bridge 49 & Kate Boats

Looking back to Bridge 49 and Kate Boats


003  The Top Lock

In Cape Top Lock


006-1  'The Cape of Good Hope'

‘The Cape of Good Hope’


007-1  Lunch mooring just above Top Lock

Muddy tow path in spite of the Sun


Val Poore said...

Lovely photos! I'd love to be there on a narrow boat! I sometimes think we'd get more cruising done if we were on the peaceful English canals than on the super highway river routes that we have here in Rotterdam.

Old Salt said...

Hi Val. Thanks for your comment. Yes it is beautiful here at this time of the year for cruising, so long as the weather is okay. Yesterday was perfect. Hopefully the previous posting indicates that as well.
All the best

Ian and Karen said...

Isn't great to be on the move, even just a little outing. Well done skipper and the little ship.

Old Salt said...

Hi Ian and Karen. Many thanks for your comment. It was a delight to be out again. 2.6 miles in total and a good pub lunch. Not up to your tremendous mileage but it was a start. Congrats at getting through the Froghall Tunnel by the way. The basin looked so attractive when I was there but there was no way that 'Futurest' would fit through. All the best.