Saturday, 23 February 2013

Another New Toy

On Wednesday a great  big cardboard parcel arrived, addressed to the Skipper. Of course as always, he wasn’t here, he’d gone away to visit his two friends John and Maggie in Banbury. But the office took it in for him and he collected it in the afternoon when he arrived home.

It was obviously heavy since he had a job to drag the package at all and in the end he unpacked it in the office bringing all the pieces outside bit by bit.

It’s his latest idea, his new big toy and I wonder just how long the craze will last…… 

Oh dear! Here we go again.

It’s a foldup dinghy, which he ordered about six weeks ago. You may know about it, as I think he mentioned it in the blog sometime back.

Anyway it’s here and I don’t know what he thinks he’s going to do with it. I expect it will all finish up as another dust collector in the end, just like his folding bike idea under the bed. But he is keen at the moment and Janis certainly is, which will make a difference I think.

He’s packed it all; boat and equipment, mast, sail and oars, into a long bag which came with the order and was especially made for the job. Having got everything outside the office, making sure all the bits had been sent, he packed it all into the bag and then tried to carry it with the two long central carrying handles over his shoulder.

This was impossible and though the boat was advertised as being carry-able by one man I think it meant not including all the extra sailing gear etc. It needs some kind of trolley to do everything, which he hasn’t got.

He managed to lift it a yard at a time, eventually getting it on the quay near my mooring. No way though can he get it on board on his own, as he’d hoped to.

But the bag has a carrying handle at each end as well, so two people – him and Janis, should be able to manage it perfectly alright together. He plans to stow it on board in my Saloon, beneath the gunnel on the starboard side, behind the easy chairs. He has measured the length and I must say, according to the measurements it does fit into that spot very snugly.

He plans to have an official launching ceremony next week, so you’ll have to watch this space.

Oh dear oh dear!

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