Sunday, 17 June 2012

‘Roots and Wings’

I don’t know what was going through the Skipper’s head this morning when Janis brought ‘Roots and Wings’ back to the mooring after their short trip with a friend yesterday but he did have that silly faraway look on his face which I know for sure means that he’s excited about something. I’ve seen now it many times before.

Could it be that he was pleased just a bit to see Janis?

But if he did feel that way then I have to say for a change, I’m pleased, as it’s exactly how I felt at seeing the return of my new friend ‘Roots and Wings’.

It’s been over a year now since we first met and she saved my life then by towing me back on the tidal Trent to Newark for which I was very grateful. And since leaving there last month we have been in very close company.

But I didn’t realise until today how  things would seem without her and it took one night away to make me realise that I had got used to just …. having her around.

She has kind of …. grown on me …. especially as she was breasted up to me all day and overnight before she left for her short trip.

And it’s lovely to know that she perhaps feels the same way as me ‘coz when she came alongside ahead of me this morning she made certain that she rubbed her button nose up against mine in such a lovely way.

…. It made me go quite funny!

And she didn’t need to have done that you know, unless she was pleased to be back, did she?



Ahhh! Ain’t that nice? Bless!

She ‘s not as old as me …. no more than four years I think …. so at thirteen I feel like a big sister to her and could teach her a lot about life ….  and in particular about the devious ways of humans.

She’d like that I’m sure.

The Skipper and Janis have gone off for a walk together …. they go as often as they can …. He’s suddenly enjoying it. I wonder why?

That’s super ‘coz it means that I can use the computer while he’s away and I needed to tell someone how I felt.

But I’ll end now as I know they’ll be back shortly. Morrison’s close at 4pm on a Sunday.


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