Tuesday, 12 June 2012

An Extra Day

After Janis and I returned from our shopping expedition into Market Drayton yesterday and as we considered we had seen all there was to see, we thought we would continue our journey this morning.

However soon after arriving back at the ship I realised I had forgotten half my proper shopping list and filled the heavy bag with stuff I hadn’t intended to buy at all. I had erred so seriously in this respect that I needed a second visit.


011  The old Sanbrook Vaults 1653

The old Sandbrook Vaults dated 1657, Market Drayton


We thought also that as England had managed to scrape a draw yesterday, the town might be more relaxed and therefore more exciting. The inhabitants might even actually have gone to work so we expected to be able to visit lots of the small busy shops in town.



Herb Robert on our way back to the ships


014  Creeping Buttercup

….. and Creeping Buttercup

But even on our second visit I found that apart from the thriving supermarkets of Morrison's and Asda, everywhere else was as quiet as yesterday. The charity shops were open but were empty of customers and I was surprised at the number of shop windows that were boarded up or with empty windows like gaping eye sockets. In fact the liveliest part of the town was inside the parish church where we disturbed three ladies who were doing some quiet bible studies together.

After the church we made our return pilgrimage to Asda and remembering all my shopping this time we returned by a round about footpath back to the ships.


016  'Futurest' at her berth at Bridge 63

‘Futurest’, patient as ever at her mooring in Market Drayton


As it is now the afternoon we have decided to remain here for a further night and to proceed into the unknown region of darkest Shropshire tomorrow.

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