Thursday, 5 May 2011

County Hall and Cricket

Well at least we’re on the River Trent again so I suppose that’s something! But this Skipper of ours does have some odd ideas.
Only on Tuesday was he getting all poetic about leaving the city and getting back to rural parts and when we left the mooring yesterday in beautiful cruising weather, I was really looking forward to a long day’s cruising in the wide and deep river.
However we needed to fill my diesel tank before we progressed any further and had to wait for over an hour while the boat ahead of us seemed to fill up everything that needed filling and emptied all the rest that needed unfilling. So by the time we’d finished at the service pontoon we had lost nearly two hours cruising time before we had even started.
But at last we reached the bottom of the Nottingham Canal and as we passed through the lock I was overcome almost, by the wide river in front of me and was so glad to feel enclosed in its arms again.
It was thrilling to be back!
But instead of turning left and heading downstream towards the north, as I thought he would, what does he go and do? .... He turns right, passes under Trent Bridge and moors against the steps.... Right in front of the County Hall.
I didn’t know what he was up to but from the self satisfied look on his face when he’d finished, I do believe he was expecting the dignitaries to roll out the red carpet, down the steps for him! .... The silly old fool!
As it was only just after noon when we arrived I thought he must have in mind some big exciting project to do on board; to make me look prettier or something and I could forgive him if that was the case.
But no after his lunch he went ashore and was gone all afternoon; didn’t arrive back till six.
He’d been to watch a cricket match between Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire !!!
Now what man who is remotely sane, would want to watch ..... A cricket match!
I could understand if he’d gone to nearby Nottingham Forest Ground to watch a football match to see those swarthy foreign footballers with their big bulging thighs, doing their thing.
Ooh Err! I wish I was human sometimes so I could indulge my fantasies. But to look at a lot of skinny men in white clothes doing lots of boring things on a cricket field, I cannot see the point of. How utterly dull and unexciting. Perverse too, rubbing their ball in their groin! What do they think they're doing?
Today he has gone off to find food so I don’t expect we shall be moving now till tomorrow at least.
Oh dear! He says he’s gone off to find food but I’ve just had a horrible thought!
I hope he hasn’t gone back to that cricket match, which apparently goes on for goodness knows how many days. I really am anxious about the man’s sanity sometimes.

Me on the River just above Trent Bridge

Looking across the wide river

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