Thursday, 26 May 2011

Back at Lincoln

Early this afternoon we arrived back in this splendid city and in spite of thick squally rain showers all around, its worthy crown, the magnificent cathedral on top of its steep hill could be seen all the way from Bardney.... A most wonderful sight!

Towards the end of a shower.
The black at the top left is my umbrella

We tied up right in the city just a hundred yards before the Glory Hole Bridge, at the old trip boat mooring under a willow whose green fronds weep right down into the river. I was able to nip ashore to the Post Office to collect my mail, before feeling our way out into the wide Brayford Pool and on to the visitor moorings beyond the road bridge.
The heavy but abrupt showers continue as I write, clattering on the roof and deafening against the cratch cover!

The sculpture of a Cow....

....and the real thing!

The Glory Hole, Lincoln

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