Sunday, 13 March 2011

Au Revoir Kate Boats

Au revoir Kate Boats

I suppose we have moved about a MILE, which thinking about it, isn’t a bad run for the poor old Skipper bless him on the first day of our summer cruise! Perhaps after all his exertion he should go for a lay down too.
But I’m so frustrated!
Today was the day that we had planned for a long time to leave our winter moorings.... We had been unable to go on 1st March, the day when we had originally wanted to leave, because British Waterways were still repairing Calcutt Locks to the south of us. So today, knowing that the work was now complete, I had always thought of as a very special day indeed.... something to look forward to with great excitement. And I thought he did as well!
Because I had been stationary for so long I thought that we might have got at least twenty miles behind us before stopping tonight and I was just beginning to enjoy the sheer ecstasy of moving through the lovely murky green water again, when the Boss announced that, as the weather was dreary and he was getting wet in the rain, we would stop at the Tesco Mooring for it to clear. He said we needed some provisions anyway and this was a good opportunity to get them...

He could have walked down and done all that yesterday!
Oh and while he was there he would have lunch in the restaurant as well!
At this point I just couldn’t help spluttering and cavitating about my stern; something I never do normally. I’m sure he must have noticed it and that’s exactly what I wanted him to do.
I was determined to let him know how I felt and when he tried to tie up, with the help of the friendly wind, I made him struggle a bit and it was quite a while before he had me snug alongside and made fast. I know how to treat him!
Of course the weather has turned out to be lovely and sunny now, at half past four in the afternoon and we could have had miles behind us if we’d kept going.  It didn’t take him very long to get his provisions and have his lunch, but ever since he got back on board he’s been fiddling about, tidying up and stowing away all the electrical goods that we’ve got so used to over the winter months, when we had 240 volts. And he’s just lit the fire as well. He reckons the temperature will drop this evening after the Sun has set. It’s back to boiling the old copper kettle on Calor Gas too.
He’s always so infuriatingly laid back. But I suppose I’ll get over the disappointment. I’ll have to... We do have a long summer ahead of us and he’s right, we don’t really have to rush things at this stage of the trip. It’s time to relax into the normal daily routine of our new adventure and to work closely together....
And I have to say that I do look nice and tidy now.

Tesco in the evening

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