Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Breezy but Bracing

Both little ships are now tied up at Kate Boats and I managed to get ‘Futurest’ across from the towpath just before the current blow began, which was useful.

My boat, having now spent six winters in a row here, I moved initially across into her customary winter berth right outside the office. However another vessel tied up just astern of us was using all the available 24 volt power points for its various needs. So yesterday, after a couple of days down there without power, I have moved the boat and breasted up against ‘Roots and Wings’ where there is more than adequate sockets for both of us.

The present blusteriness of the weather has come as quite shock after such a mild, quiet and unassuming start to the month of November and here at Kate Boats, though we are protected to a great extent by tall buildings all around and to the west of us predominantly, we have still felt the strength, in gusty form, of the gale-force westerly breeze that everybody is talking about.

Last night ‘Futurest’ was ranging excessively fore and aft alongside her bed partner so I decided to put out back springs fore and aft as well as bow and stern lines to keep her tight alongside and all has been neat and secure since. Though the temperatures are dropping slowly, both little ships are snug and warm aboard, and with endless hot water and being able to use an electric kettle once more, life is a relative luxury.

Yesterday morning Janis caught the train for one of her customary visits to Newark and basically she will be away for about a month. However she is returning tomorrow with a hire car so that we can attend a Douai Abbey and School reunion on Friday at Woolhampton (situated on the Kennet & Avon Canal coincidentally). We have definitely arranged to meet there my old school chum Roger and his wife Judith but I am hopeful that there may be others attending that I might know also, even though it will be just a couple of years short of sixty since we will have last met.

As I write now aboard we have just been peppered by one of the many gusty squalls that have continually passed across us today and the sound of the rain on the roof blots out all other noises that one normally hears.


Anonymous said...

For Peter's family and friends. I'm genuinely so very sorry to hear about Peter's death. Whilst we never meet l loved to read his blog. Peter certainly appeared to be one of life's gentleman. God bless him. RIP Paula

Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

So sorry to read of Peters death.

In our thoughts.


Mick n Maggie

Vallypee said...

I too am very sorry to hear of his death. So sad. I followed his blog for some time, but then 'lost' it when my blog address changed. I am very sad to have lost touch too. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Have just seen Pete's blog comments. So sad to learn that he had died. Our thoughts and condolences to all the family. A neighbour for many years. T&R