Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Arrival at Warwick

We are drawing towards the end of our voyage, moored now on the towpath opposite Kate Boats. During the week one lovely morning I brought ‘Futurest’ along the one and a half miles from the Lidl Mooring and then enjoyed the walk back in the bright but low sunshine to transfer ‘Roots and Wings’ as well. We hope to remain here till 1st November after which Kate Boats  can take us in for our winter moorings.



‘Futurest’ on her way to Warwick


Janis has been away for a fortnight weathering hurricane gales off Ireland on the ‘Stavros S Niarchos’ but arrived back here yesterday none the worse for her eventful voyage but filled nonetheless with exciting tales of derring do.

During the same period on another beautiful day (we really have been very blessed  with the weather this year) I set off for Stratford-upon-Avon on the bus to see my brother. Though there was no Shakespeare this time to which I could look forward Stratford Music Festival was in progress that week and we were treated to two wonderful lunchtime recitals at the Guild Hall on the first day by a talented pianist who played sonatas by Beethoven and Chopin as well as Debussy’s ‘Images’, while  on the second a cellist and pianist presented us very beautifully and artistically  with a programme which included Rachmaninov. On the evening in between I accompanied David and his two companions Patricia and Edmund to Carlucio’s Restaurant where we enjoyed a meal accompanied by a group of jazz musicians called, ‘The Swing Museum’, cleverly portraying the music favoured by Stephan Grappelli and his ‘Hot Club of France’.

Then on Saturday last I travelled down to Brighton by train to visit Millie and my grand daughter Delilah-Rose, staying the night with them. Rupert, Delilah’s dad was there as well and we had a great time together with the girls.



Brighton Pavilion



Rupert and Delilah-Rose on the pier



Brighton and Hove looking westward


Otherwise I’m living quietly at this time of the year simply awaiting our winter moorings. However last week I bought myself a new computer, an Asus T100  notebook (for anyone who’s interested), programmed with Windows 8.

‘Honestly it was there just begging me to buy it’.

Actually my old laptop is still quite serviceable except that it is rather heavy to carry around and only has a nominal battery endurance of two hours. However it had taken me six years to become completely familiar with ‘Vista’ on this one whereas now I have a much lighter and smaller version; easier to carry around, with a nominal battery time of eleven hours…. Wonderful. But hopefully I shan’t have to struggle for another six years becoming familiar with ‘Windows 8’.

We shall have to see. This is the first blog posting with the new machine so hoping that all goes well.

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