Sunday, 15 June 2014

Wigan Pier and Ice-cream

Yesterday we arrived at Wigan after a beautiful day’s cruise in brilliant hot sunshine and we managed to tie up in between the town Top and Bottom Locks right outside the C&RT North West Office.

It makes me suspicious always when I arrive in a town on a busy canal in the height of Summer to find none of the visitor moorings, complete with securing rings, occupied on the tow path side of the water and it makes me grateful that here, right opposite we have this very secure forty eight hour mooring behind locked gates and just long enough for two 57 footers. What could be better?

We shall do nicely here until Monday morning when we plan to set off up the twenty one or so locks towards Skipton in the high Pennines.

So it is lovely to be back aboard ‘Futurest’ and cruising again. All this gadding about on landlubber type holidays is all very well for a change and with decent weather as we were blessed with it is sheer magic. But it’s good to be back among the every day things that I am now so used to and understand very well. It is delightful to feel the Russell Newbery throbbing again under my sandaled feet and the always lively pressure of the water on the rudder that I feel through the tiller.

‘Futurest’ is alive once more.

Luckily Wigan has plenty of shops and Janis and I have been ashore to replenish our stores at Morrison’s after our period of being away. The fridges are now back to their proper working temperatures and we can store all our favourite frozen delights again, including ice cream….. Yum Yum!



Green Lancashire Summer






The original Wigan Pier


DSCN0474  ......Another part

The part that is now a pub

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