Monday, 10 February 2014

Various Thoughts and Photos

We have just less than a month to go before we begin our 2014 cruise and because of the indifferent weather conditions that we have suffered over a long period now, my outings ashore have been curtailed more than usual.

Because of the gales and frequent wet conditions I have been far more easily  persuaded to remain cooped up on board than to undertake some precious exercise ashore. It is so easy to remain inside the beautifully warmed cabin with a good book  and a nice cup of tea. Even browsing the internet aimlessly to pass the time has not been beyond my scope too and it amazes me how much time can be wasted looking up the life stories of famous people on Wikipedia.

There is always lots of jobs to be performed aboard ship but lethargy, the greatest sin of the boater, can swiftly take hold if one is not careful. So when I feel this coming on I force myself to go ashore whatever the conditions and inevitably, it is uncanny the way it happens, the weather usually cheers up too and I have a very enjoyable long walk. Though limited for good safe rural walks in the Warwick area, It is surprising how a slight deviation of route can change the aspect of a walk completely.

For example my nearest superstore for provisions is Tesco, only half a mile down the towpath from the mooring but when I go there, I can always plan in a five mile round trip and make it slightly different each time I go. The other shop, which in fact I like the best is Morrison’s two miles away at Leamington. They have a better layout and an excellent cafĂ© also, where a good meal can be bought for less than a fiver. So weather permitting I go there mostly, managing a good round trip of seven or eight miles altogether, with good food and a cup of tea for sustenance halfway through.

However this last week because of the frequent rain and gales I have been somewhat restricted.

But I did get out over the weekend during a bright sunshiny break and managed to acquire a few photos, some of which I enclose.


DSCN0052  Guy's Tower, Warwick Castle Tower

Guy’s Tower, Warwick Castle








……and a host of white Snowdrops


Feeding time on the River Avon for the Black Headed Gull……












…..and sedately for the Swan


DSCN0085  Rainbow in Smith Street

Rainbow over Smith Street

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