Monday, 13 January 2014

The Proximity of Spring

Here at Kate Boats we appear to have been spared the onslaught of Winter so far. While much of the rest of the country have been enduring frightening and terrible weather conditions overall, though we have had some rain here in Warwick and the River Avon has been high, there’s been no damage due to flooding and the Sunshine has been our compassionate companion for much of the time, while the air temperature has remained veritably Spring-like with sharp frosty conditions normally so prevalent at this time of the year almost non-existent. There have been odd anomalies where the temperature during the night has been much higher than that on the previous day for example but the evenings are getting lighter and the local Snowdrops are beginning to show their pale green tips again after such a short sleep. As they say and sing:

“Spring is in the air.”



Brave little Snowdrops


Nothing much is happening here and I am back to normal after the extended Christmas and New Year Holiday. If the weather remains fine I’m thinking of shooting off sometime this week for a short cruise up beyond the two Cape Locks, turning round at the junction with the Saltisford Arm and returning the same way. In distance it’s only about two and a half miles there and back but with the locks in both directions to work and a stop off for lunch at the ‘Cape of Good Hope’ Pub, it will be a good day’s run in the limited light conditions.

I’ve been stationary for too long.

Had there been thick ice on the canal I would not have had this urge to be cruising at this time of the year, but as it is, the liquid green, albeit murky water that becomes even more enticing when the Sun shines upon it, that I hear lapping against the ship’s side, is offering me an invitation I cannot resist.

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