Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Better Week

By ‘a better week’, I mean there's been an improvement in the Old Man’s work level since Janis left to go to Newark and he’s been able to concentrate on the important things a bit better since then.

The weather’s a bit improved too. It makes such a difference when the Sun comes out, doesn’t it? I know it makes him feel better anyway.

But most importantly, he’s got on with a bit of painting that so desperately needed doing.

The first two days after Janis left for Newark we had lots of rain and it looked as if I was going to be marooned here at Uxbridge for the whole week with nothing happening…….  How dreadful and boring that would have been.

All was quiet around here till Friday morning when the Sun rose and shone all through the day and he got to work almost excitedly, preparing my roof for painting.

As you’ve noticed from previous photos, the Red Raddle that he put on two winters ago, after the engine was changed, was peeling furiously and every day for many a month I’ve had to watch great chunks coming away every day. Luckily there was a good undercoat beneath and the steel hadn't rusted except in a few spots, which he cleaned off back to shiny metal and primed. For the rest of the roof he just took the loose flaky bits off with a scraper ready for a top coat of the red the next day. He did take some photos after his final efforts so I’ll put them in here if I can.



AT my mooring in Uxbridge


He worked all day Saturday as well in the warm sunshine completing the roof and repainting the stern deck where the Rustic Red had badly faded during the four years since he’s been the Skipper. And while he had this red on the go, he also tarted up my stem post and decking over the Forepeak Locker. It all looks so much nicer now. Just to complete the job on the starboard side, which is towards the towpath, He repainted the sheer strake and the walkway along my side in Oxford Blue, which keeps it’s colour wonderfully. It never fades at all in years.



My new stern


I’m now not perfect, as what he has done makes the rest look more shabby than it was, but I do look a bit more presentable which every girl loves to be. By the Sunday he had finished and in the morning up went a brand new Red Ensign in the Sun to celebrate; I thought the old flag was getting very faded and weatherworn.



The new look


The Skipper finished just in time to welcome aboard his son in law Steve, his mother Val and George, the Skippers grandson to inspect me, which is what I always like ‘cos I’m a bit special you know…..  Everybody says that too.

They stayed for a cup of tea and cakes after which they left for home.

Since then the Old Chap’s cleaned ship as well so by the time Janis arrived back from Newark yesterday afternoon, I was feeling far better. I have to say that he’s done very well……  bless him, as I didn’t think he’d had it in him.

Janis’ sister Sharon, who left us to go off on her own to see the sights three weeks ago, came back with her so the two ships now have a full complement again.

I’m hoping we shall set off tomorrow morning for Bull’s Bridge Junction and the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal. Through inactivity I have long tendrils of algae streaming from all over my bottom parts…..

It’s most embarrassing.

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