Monday, 6 May 2013

My Turn at last

The Skipper's gone off today …. again!

He’s tootled off with his two ladies. I think they’ve gone to somewhere called Ascott House for the day. But they’re always going off for walks somewhere after we’ve tied up.

He’s never on board these days except when we’re cruising and it’s such a shame as I am feeling quite neglected. Normally by this time of the year with the fire out and not making any dust, he’s had a good clean through on the inside. When that’s done and the chimney’s put away and the flue swept he gives me a good shampoo before touching up and redoing the outside paintwork where necessary. Usually by this time It’s all done and dusted.

But this year nothing’s been done at all yet and I think it’s a disgrace. You must have noticed too his photos of the roof paintwork and how it’s peeling so badly. Well it doesn’t seem to be worrying him too much this time.

It’s those two ladies on ‘Roots and Wings’ of course. They’re distracting him.

But it’s not they’re fault really. They’re just minding they’re own business on they’re own boat. It’s him doing about and showing off when they’re around and trying to be like a half sharp teenager that makes him look so silly. That’s what I object to. He does let himself down so and at his age I do wish he’d learn. You’d think he would by now wouldn’t you?

But there we are. That’s what I have to put up with.

It’s nice to be cruising again though as I don’t like those cold winters very much frozen in one place, though it wasn’t quite so bad this year.

I don’t like not doing anything. I like to be on the move.

I have to confess that the ‘Old Man’ knows how to handle me now though and he does it very well generally except sometimes when he doesn’t concentrate. He’s too busy looking at some bird through the binoculars when all of a sudden he realises I’m about to run into the bank and just manages to get back in control before anything serious happens. It’s a bit nerve racking at times, I can tell you.

But generally he’s pretty good now as he knows exactly how I handle in different conditions. We both know each other very well after four years, though I have to make more allowances for him than he has to for me. I do exactly as he tells me through the controls every time. Why can’t he be like that too and react to what I want.

But I like his relaxed style of boating. It suits me just right. He’s never in any hurry, never gets flustered and never panics, even when manoeuvring. He rarely asks Russell Newberry for much above a tick over speed when travelling along so it’s no wonder he does such short daily mileages.

But it’s good and it suits me just right. The Sun is shining, my solar panel is alive and life is beautiful, especially with the water quietly pushing around and caressing my sides.

It’s very sensuous. Ooh err!

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