Monday, 4 March 2013

A Wet Bottom

Yesterday the Skipper and Janis put together his new little toy and launched it into the canal. I saw the whole event of course and was mightily impressed, though it’s such a titchy thing it’s hardly an excuse for a boat; more like a floating matchbox and an insult really to us more noble girls on the waterways. The ‘Old Man’ should have floated it in the bath (if he had one!) then could play with it then to his hearts content.

I was a bit peeved though about two hours later when, having gone for a row in it, they arrived back, landed the box and after dismantling it and putting it all back into its carrying bag, lifted it aboard me and had the cheek to plonk it in my Saloon under the starboard gunnel behind the easy chairs.

He does have a flippin’ nerve you know.

He automatically assumed I would embrace the heavy black plastic bag in my arms and be very happy with the extra bulk for me to carry, as well as more clutter in the Saloon. But I have to admit that the added weight now on that side does counteract the slight port list I had developed  since I’d had my Russell Newbery installed. So perhaps it’s okay after all.

I did notice when they launched the box it was completely dry inside and before they got into it the two of them made sure that there were no leaks. But when they arrived back I noticed that though Janis was quite dry, there was a large soaking wet patch on the Skipper’s bottom. The seats were all wet as well and there was water in the bottom of the boat.

I knew something had happened that he hadn’t planned for but it wasn’t until I heard him telling somebody later that while Janis was shopping at Lidl, he’d tried to get ashore on his own and in doing so had upset the very ‘twitchy’ stability, nearly capsizing and sinking the silly thing.

He should stick to staying aboard me. He’s far too big and stupid to go floating around safely in a matchbox like that. But hopefully he’ll have learned another lesson by now.

It would be nice to know more details of this trip to Lidl and though I’m sure when he writes he will talk happily for ages, of the good things about the box, I wonder whether he’ll have the guts to mention anything about this blunder of his.

Trouble is that he’s a bit slow at picking things up, you know. Takes him ages to get used to anything new. Bless him!

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