Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Cold and an Army Assault Course

The Old Man’s been feeling a bit sorry for himself over the last few days as he’s suffering from a bad cold. Been sneezing and doing about something awful he has.

Come on you folk….  Altogether now…..

One, two, three….Aaaahhhhh! The poor old chap.  I don’t think he can take it bless him. It’s all been a bit too much for him.

I notice though he’s not doing it today as much, so perhaps he’s past the worst. Let’s hope so. I can’t stand him moping about all day the way he’s been doing.

He’s gone off ashore now……  to find some little tea shop I expect.

Janis hasn’t helped either. Maybe she’s fed up too as she’s left me with him and gone off to Newark for a couple of days to do an army assault course!

Well thank YOU very much.

Suppose it must be a desperate situation for her as well, ‘cos what else would make a lovely feminine female like her do an army assault course for goodness sake.

You can see the sort of people I have to look after though, can't you?

Weirdoes the lot I reckon!

Still ‘Roots and Wings’ seems a nice young lady. She’s tied up snugly just astern of me.

Doesn’t say a lot and has been very quiet all through the summer ever since she left Newark back at the beginning of May. But she seems quite happy to follow my example without question and that’s what I think is best for everyone.

She hasn’t ever travelled so far in all her young life so I expect she has to stay quiet to take it all in.

Still I wish she’d say a bit more as it makes me all nervous as to what she’s thinking.

Even though Janis has gone off to Newark, her and the Skipper do seem to be getting on very well together, as they have done all Summer.

I’m not sure, but there must be something going on there you know that they don't want us to know about. I’ve noticed when they go ashore they always walk close together ….

You know ….. close-like.

I’ve not actually seen them touching but they’re closer than normal people would be, when they went ashore. But I can’t forget that night in Cheshire when he kissed her.

Ahhh! You don’t kiss somebody for nothing without meaning it, do you? I’ll have to let you know what happens……. Ooooh isn’t it exciting!



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