Saturday, 22 September 2012

My last Skippers

It was marvellous to meet again my last skippers, Ian and Linda on Monday and they haven’t changed a bit since I last saw them…..

Still the happy friendly couple they always were in the old days. I’ve missed them at times, especially in the early days so it was lovely that they came by, just at the right moment to bring back lots of happy memories.

They were with me when I was born so I shall always have a special relationship with them.

I’ve since got used to the Old Salt though, or Ancient Mariner (giggle!), as some call him now. He’s learning slowly bless him.

He can't help it if he’s a bit slow, can he?

He’s a pretty good skipper and he does his best to look after me. But I shall always remember fondly those early days of my life.

They stayed for about half an hour just astern of where I was moored and luckily the Skipper invited them aboard. His son Rupert was there and he invited Janis and Raeleen on too so it was quite a big party that sat supping tea in my saloon for a little while.

It was lovely. Happiness was all around!

The new boat ‘Lillian’ was beautiful and they’d obviously looked after her well. It made me a bit sad really coz they gave me up for her.

She didn't have anything to say to me and looked rather smug I thought so I’m not too sure whether I like her or not. But I have to admit she looked pretty good.

The Skipper looks after me alright though. He’s different from Ian and Linda but I’m used to him and he’s okay.

All the guests have gone now and it’s as it used to be ….. Just me and the Skipper and Janis on ‘Roots and Wings’.

I had to laugh though when Ian noticed Janis’s washing hanging in her windows to dry and said that she should call her boat ‘Bras and Panties’ instead of ‘Roots and Wings’.

He! He! It tickled me it did!

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