Wednesday, 15 August 2012

At Middlewich

I’m so stocked and shunned tonight I am!

I’ve just learnt that we are not going over the Pennines any more. I knew this would happen cos the Skipper’s always like that.

And I did so want to travel over the top this time. That’s two years running we haven’t done it now. Told everybody he was going to do it last year as well.

Always has great big ideas and then never carries them out. That’s the Skipper. D’you remember, I’ve told you he’s like that before.

I was hoping that after four years with me he would have done better by now. But no! He’s just the same as he ever was.

Honestly! I’ve taught him all I know and he still knows nothing!

He does dawdle so much. Only does about four miles a day at the most and then has one day at least with me tied up like an animal while he goes off exploring with his new lady.

Last Friday he left me miles from anywhere while him and Janis tootled off to Newark for the weekend …… Very nice for some I must say but what about me?

I ask you …. no wonder he doesn’t get nothing done.

But the mooring was in a lovely spot with views all around below and of course my new friend ‘Roots and Wings’ was with me. They had moored us nice and close together so I wasn’t lonely at all. It’s so nice to have her here with me this year. Don’t know what I’d have done otherwise.

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