Tuesday, 3 January 2012

To the Rescue again

Well the Old Man’s been at it again! And for the last fortnight I’ve not seen hair nor hide of him.
He couldn’t care less about me.... And in my poorly state too!
Yes!  I’m....(sniff!) not well at all.
But somehow I manage to carry on you know.... Some of us have to!
Though my new engine is brilliant the engine room is an absolute mess. The deckhead is just bare steel and the tongue and groove sheathing that should have been put back before we left Stretton is just laying in an untidy pile on the deck for everybody to trip over. Most of it will need renewing anyway after the Skipper in his wisdom typically, just ripped it down without much thought or planning. There was some fibreglass insulation above the timber as well but this was playfully ripped to pieces by the neighbours’ two dogs at Stretton and strewn all over the yard so we need some more of that too.
But he was in such a tearing hurry to get back to Warwick before the winter weather broke that the job was all left unfinished.
Just before we left too, he discovered a leak in the calorifier. So ever since then we have had to turn the pumps off when they’re not being used in an effort to save the problem getting any worse, until we can have the job done here at Warwick.
So you can see I’m in a right state and he simply couldn’t care less. He skinned out at the earliest opportunity and off he went ashore to see his brother etc etc..... It was for Christmas you see.... Oh dear!
So I thought I had better extract his credentials from the mire yet again and write some long overdue blog for him before he loses what little readership he must now have left.
It’s dreadful and I wish the man had more savvy and guts. He’s always full of bright ideas but never carries any of them out. Always starts a job enthusiastically but then poof...... Very soon he’s away on yet another ghost train.
But I can’t do anything about it. I try to put good vibes into his head all the time but my telepathic powers are not that special you know.......
Well what do you EXPECT? I’m only a boat after all.....  And what more can he expect of me? ..... And it’s all after I’ve been so poorly too!
But I do my best.... Surely the whole world must see that I do my best! It’s a good job he’s got me.

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