Thursday, 14 April 2011

Kegworth, close to Nottingham

We are tied up at a boat yard called East Midland Boat Services awaiting the delivery of a solar panel and control box. I ordered them on Tuesday but it looks as if we cannot expect delivery until Monday or even Tuesday of next week. So we may have to move from our comfortable jetty complete with 240 volt hook up and personal water point, as the berth belongs to someone else, who is currently out cruising but is expected back at the weekend.
There is no other berth available like this one and we shall have to breast up against another narrowboat called ‘Barn Owl’ on the loading jetty if the people return. I shall stay here for as long as we can though. It’s so pleasant.
Next door there is a pub called ‘The Otter’ who have a wharf on the river for their patrons and I enquired there this morning whether I would be allowed to use it for a few nights till I was ready to leave; said I would be happy to rent it from them, as well as becoming one of their patrons. The landlady was very nice about it but told me I would only be allowed to use it for a maximum of two nights so I shall probably moor alongside ‘Barn Owl’, where there are no restrictions.
This afternoon I had a walk up into the village of Kegworth. Though the Sun wasn’t shining it was warm and the walk of about one mile in each direction was very pleasant. The route followed the very busy A6 road which was full of traffic zooming both ways but the village itself I found to be most rewarding. There is a market square with numerous shops around it including a largish Co op supermarket, a butcher, a greengrocer and numerous takeaways as well as a post office and convenience store. Everything seems to be concentrated around the parish church, standing high on its hill. I didn’t have the time to visit it today but hope to be able to before I leave the area.
‘Futurest’ and I are on our own again now. I wanted to await the delivery of my goods while Chris on ‘French Holly’ felt he needed to push on towards the River Trent, so we parted company on Tuesday. We had been travelling together for a week, sharing the locks for all that time, which had been very useful. Whether I shall catch him up or not remains to be seen but as he is going down the River Witham to Lincoln which is where I plan to go and as we have to return the same way, I expect our paths will cross again somewhere, probably along that route.
It was Chris who finally convinced me that having a solar panel was a good idea. He has one and I was so surprised at the amount of power his generates. I’m looking forward to having mine installed and working.

The Parish Church of Normanton-on-Soar

Our berth at East Midland Boat Services

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