Wednesday, 10 November 2010

With a great deal of difficulty for a wee brain like mine, I think I have set up something resembling a blog.... I hope so anyway. After writing this entry I shall then check the site to see what has actually registered there. I know these sites are designed especially for newcomers like me, but the setting up still remains difficult when one doesn't understand fully what all the terms used are and the boxes to click mean!

However when I do finally get things sorted, I plan to use the blog as a way of informing relatives and friends, who may be interested, quite where I am and how I am spending my retirement! Currently I have to rely on emails to do this for me and whereas I shall still write the emails, I shall not have to repeat to everybody the same tale. From now on I shall just give them my blog address so they know where I am and then be able to talk about other more personal subjects in the letters.

But I have a visitor so more to follow.


MortimerBones said...

Yay!!! You managed to do it! I look forward to being able to read about your adventures and see your photographs.
Bones x

Maffi said...

Ah but Peter you will then have nothing to say except about your writing.

Did I tell you about my new book?